Spring is here, let’s take a hike…

I know this winter has dragged on for many of us, but the spring peepers down the road at North Chain Lake are singing a different tune. It’s time to go out and look for those early spring wildflowers that appear and vanish in just a few days. Maybe you need to go stake out your favorite mushroom spots, or scout new prospects. It’s also time to evaluate your woodlands for exotic invasives and decide what areas you might want to tackle this year, because they always leaf out first. For many of you, it may be time to seriously consider if your woods is ready for a harvest and when you want to start that process. If you live in an area of sandy soils, spring is actually a great time to sell timber, and you can fetch a premium price just because your woods can be logged this time of year.

If you want some company on your next spring hike, feel free to give us a call!

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