So you have a forest... why do you need a consulting forester?

A consulting forester can help you learn about your forest and how to keep it healthy and productive. We draw on our expertise and utilize many techniques and tools to help you plan and achieve your forest management goals. We work in cooperation with district foresters from the Indiana Division of Natural Resources, district conservationists from the Natural Resource Conservation Service and others.

We offer free initial consultation, not only because it's a good business practice, but because it gives us the opportunity to explain all of the benefits of owning a well-managed forest. We know that woodland owners care deeply for their forests, and we consider it a privilege to survey your property and discuss your objectives.

We offer a full range of services including: timber appraisals, forest management plans, tree planting, timber stand improvement, timber sales and invasive species control. If you are working with the Natural Resource Conservation Service, we can provide forestry services for you as Technical Service Providers. All of our services are offered with up-front pricing, even timber sales.

Some reasons you may be looking for help include:
1) You've been contacted by a timber buyer about buying your trees.
2) Your District Forester or Conservationist has indicated an issue you need help with in your forest.
3) Your taxes went up on your "excess residential" woodlot and you need a forest management plan.
4) You are considering buying or selling forested property, and need an appraisal or advice.
5) You just want to learn more about your forest!

For any reason, if you would like to speak with us about your forest please contact us today!